Hybrid Contact Lenses: The Ideal For People With Astigmatism

If your eyesight troubles include astigmatism, you probably have a hard time having your vision corrected to the point of crisp, clear vision all the time. Astigmatism is caused when the curvature of your cornea distorts the way the light hits the back eye, making your vision blurry or distorted. You may have tried contacts a few times, only to be disappointed with them. There is a new option available in contact lenses that should provide you with the vision you want and without all the problems. Here is a bit of information on hybrid contacts; contact your optometrist to discuss trying a pair yourself.

Hard Lenses

Most people with astigmatism noticed better vision when they wore hard contact lenses, also referred to as gas permeable lenses. The better vision is due to the fact that these lenses leave a small space between the surface of the cornea and the back of the lens. This space fills with tears that the hard lenses can form to the cornea in a way that corrects the curvature and in doing so improves your vision. However, hard contact lenses are not as comfortable as soft lenses. In addition, because they do not sit flush against your eye, they are more likely to pop out than soft lenses. It is also possible for bits of dust or grit to get into the space between your eye and the contact and irritate your eye.

Soft Lenses

In general, people who wear contact lenses prefer to wear soft lenses. They are easier to put in your eyes, stay in place better, and are just more comfortable. Unfortunately, if you have astigmatism, soft lenses just do not provide you with as much vision correction as hard lenses do. This is the reason some people with astigmatism prefer to just wear glasses instead of messing around with contacts.

Hybrid Lenses

Now you can have the best of both types of lenses. Hybrid lenses have the hard, gas-permeable center, however, around this is a soft lens material. You will have the tear layer under the hard portion of the lens that can be shaped to correct the curve issue of your cornea. You will also have the soft contact comfort and ease of use.

If you have astigmatism and have not been able to find contact lenses that correct your vision to the degree you need, or find the lenses too uncomfortable to wear all day, it is time to look into hybrid lenses. Click here for additional reading.