3 Ways To Get Your Child To Wear Glasses

If your child has to wear glasses, then you should encourage him or her to wear them. Some children are hesitant to wear glasses because they think other children will tease them. It is also important for parents to accept that their child needs to wear glasses. Here are three ways you can encourage your child.

Introduce Your Child To High Fashion

Nowadays, children are really into trends and brands. For this reason, you should introduce your child to high fashion eyewear. A child into trends is more likely to wear a pair of high-end prescription glasses.

Extra motivation is getting your child's favorite brand with photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight and fade back to clear when indoors.

Fashion forward glasses also come in bold shapes. A really popular shape for girls is the cat-eye shape. A fashion forward style makes the glasses unique, but should also match the shape of your child's face.

Choose Color

Many manufacturers are making glasses in fun and bold colors. These colors are making glasses more appealing to children. Athletes are even getting on board and wearing frames with colors.

Russell Westbrook is the point guard for OKC Thunder team. He is well known for coming to post-game interviews with bold and colorful frames. Athletes make wearing glasses cool, which encourages children to wear them.

Get Proper Bridge Fit

Young children have small noses because they are still developing. If you choose plastic frames, then they are usually too big to fit on a child's nose. Plastic framed glasses are just going to slide up and down.

Metal frames are a better choice, because they have an adjustable nose pad. When choosing glasses for your child, you want her or him to try on each pair. You want to make sure there is no gap between the bridge of the nose and frames. If so, the weight of the lenses will make the glasses slide down.

The right fit is important because children will look over the top of their lenses instead of having them in the right place. An optometrist can help you get the right bridge fit.

It helps to understand that glasses will make a huge difference in your child's eyesight. Your child has an opportunity to expand his or her world. Eyewear allows for your child to see better and to receive information in a more efficient manner. A parent who believes that glasses are important for their child has an advantage. Your child is more likely to wear them with your support. Talk to a company like Eyes on Second for more information.