Top 4 Items That You Forget To Pack For Vacation

It is about that time of year again where everyone and anyone is getting ready to set off on their summer road trips. Whether you're just heading out for a long weekend away or hopping on the nearest cruise ship, packing properly should be one of the most important things on your to-do list. But before you toss some clothes in your suitcase and head out on the road, make sure you remember those important items that simply can't be substituted with an expensive airport shopping trip.

4 Items That Should Never Leave Your Packing List

Power Cords

You're going to need a way to charge your tablets, laptops and cell phones while on your trip. Even if you are going to be venturing out to the woods for the weekend, a cell phone will come in handy for navigation and emergency purposes. If you are traveling out of the country, you may not be able to purchase a replacement charging cord, so make sure to keep this item on your list.

Prescription Sunglasses

No matter your destination this summer, being able to see properly while shielding your eyes from the harsh summer sun is something you'll want to be able to achieve easily. Plenty of people can remember to pack their eyeglasses and contacts, but more often than not, prescription sunglasses are left at home on the dressing table. Don't forget to pack them, and ask an optometrist like Monroe Optical, Inc. if they have a handy travel case available to help store and protect your sunglasses during travel.

Bathing Suit/Trunks

It can be easy to forget this vital piece of clothing even when you've been dreaming of lounging poolside all winter long. And while purchasing a new swimsuit or trunks is a simple enough task in many places, they can cost quite a bit and take much needed funds away from your entertainment budget. So save yourself the headache and make sure your bathing suit makes it into your suitcase. 

Reading Materials

Nothing is more annoying than getting past airport security with time to kill and discovering you've got nothing but your Facebook feed to keep you entertained for the next 45 minutes. Save yourself the trouble of suffering through 36 pictures of your cousin's dessert and pack plenty of reading materials to keep you busy during your trip. Tossing a book or two in your carry-on can keep you from purchasing over-priced items in the airport as well!